Supertech® Radiopaque X-Ray Stitching Ruler 156cm

Supertech Radiopaue X-Ray Stitching Ruler 156cm Vertical
Supertech Radiopaue X-Ray Stitching Ruler 156cm

The 156cm acrylic radiopaque Stitching ruler is the ruler of choice for the orthopedic medicine doctors and technicians. This ruler is designed for stitching of x-rays to full body size. It is made in four section and will be shipped dis-assembled. Rulers may be requested permanently assembled upon request. Supertech® radiopaque rulers are lead-free and are safe for skin contact.

We offer radiopaque acrylic rulers from 50mm to 156cm also a NIST certified line.

Acrylic radiopaque ruler is 3mm thick x 36mm wide and lead-free.

Supertech recommends cleaning radiopaque acrylic rulers with soap and water, to sterilize use ETO when needed. Do not use harsh chemicals, do not autoclave or steam clean.

Item Number Description
L-Acryl-156cmStitching-Assem Lead Free Acrylic Ruler 156cm x 1mm and 2mm graduations Assembled

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