400mm '0' Center Radiopaque Light Field Centering Ruler Set
Center your Light field in one exposure!

Another unique Radiopaque product from Supertech®. This is a set of 400mm '0' center rulers on a center aluminum pin. The center is designed to easily read all 200 graduations in all directions from center, with no graduation overlap. The set swings open for use and closes for storage in the case. The base ruler has a built-in stabilizer with clear rubber feet to keep its position on the image receptor. A set of lines on the base helps the user quickly align the rulers at 90° to each other. Felt bumpers keep the rulers from scratching each other.

Radiopaque Light Field Centering Ruler

The polypropylene storage case has been lined with a foam cushion to protect this set from breakage during transport or storage. All Radiopaque Ruler products from Supertech® meet high quality standards and are designed for use with medical x-ray machine settings.

Ruler Open Ruler Closed

Part # Description
L-Acryl-400mm-LightField Radiopaque 400mm '0' Center folding cross
ruler set, W/case. For centering light fields.

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